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        Thursday, January 21, 2021
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        "Grand opening: Toronto adds second Apple Store with latest design""

        "Apple is keeping a close eye on outbreaks in Italy ..."

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        • "This week's top stories: iPhone 12 rumors, iPad Pro trackpad, ARM Mac in 2021, more" 9to5Mac 10:24 AM
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        OS X
        • "Tot is new text editor for Mac, iPhone, and iPad focused on constraints and ease of use" 9to5Mac 2/29
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        General Interest/Potpourri
        • "Apple is sending care packages to stranded employees in China: Apple hasn't forgotten its employees in China isolated because of the coronavirus, and is sending them care packages containing food, medical supplies, and an iPad." AppleInsider 2/29
        • "Apple sends free iPads to employees quarantined by coronavirus in China" Cult of Mac 2/29
        • "Laurene Powell Jobs talks philanthropy & Steve Jobs in rare interview: In a rare interview, Laurene Powell Jobs discusses her late husband Steve Jobs, and the philosophy of philanthropic efforts honoring the late Apple founder." AppleInsider 2/29
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        • "Apple will reportedly release iPad keyboard with a built-in trackpad this year" CNET 2/28
        • "Apple has a plan to finally turn the iPad into a true laptop replacement" GearBrain 2/28
        • "Move Over, AirPods: These Could Be The Best Apple Headphones, Coming Soon" Forbes 2/28
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        • "Samsung Galaxy Buds+ impressions from an AirPods Pro user [Video] 9to5Mac 8:06 AM
        • "Tilt Apple Watch band review: Every so often something so original at CES catches my eye, and I have to try it. What could be original about a watch band? Well, Tilt is like no other you've seen before. Is that a good thing?" ZDNet 2/29
        • "AirPods vs. AirPods Pro: Which are the best earbuds? Should you buy the standard AirPods or the AirPods Pro? Here's how Apple's truly wireless earbuds stack up." CNET 2/29
        Full list of stories currently available by SUBSCRIPTION...
        • "The Apple blog: Guess which smartphones sell the most? The Apple blog | We start brand-specific blogs to curate the big and small news updates related to a certain name in the smartphone space so that you don't have to go about fishing for the stories." The Indian Express 8:11 AM
        • "Apple iPhone 11 features that Samsung's Galaxy S20 doesn't have" Business Insider 8:10 AM
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        Press Releases/Products/Public Relations
        • "Facebook planning Messenger app redesign with emphasis on Stories, hiding games and chat bots" 9to5Mac 2/29
        • "Sonnet Unveils Solo5G: A USB-C to 5 GbE Network Adapter" AnandTech 2/28
        • "'Homeworld Mobile' Gets a New Gameplay Trailer and Announces Beta Sign-Ups" Touch Arcade 2/28
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        Computer Industry
        • "Microsoft may cancel Build 2020 conference as Seattle-area confirms first U.S. death from Coronavirus" MSPoweruser 8:07 AM
        • "The dual-screen Microsoft Surface Duo could be launching earlier than expected" TechRadar UK 8:08 AM
        • "Surface Duo Release Might Happen Sooner Than You Think" PC Magazine 2/29
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        Finances (Click heading for current Apple Stock price.)
        Apple News
        • "This week's Apple trading strategies (3/2-3/6)" Apple 3.0 8:11 AM
        • "Apple at $273: Suddenly, nobody is underwater/Even the uber bears think Apple has nowhere to go but up in the next 12 months." Apple 3.0 2/29
        • "Panicked selling of AAPL lets Apple buy back billions cheaply" AppleInsider 2/28
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